Work skill visa UK

Work skill visa UK

The UK Skilled Worker visa allows you to come to the UK on a temporary basis where you can gain valuable experience working in a skilled job. After gaining work experience the ability to apply for permanent residence exists.

Work skill visa UK
Work skill visa UK

The Work Skill Visa UK is an essential thing for people from other countries to come to the UK and get selected for the occupation in the country. The job offered to you will be helpful in applying for the Visa. Let’s see the description of how to fill the form.

Uses of Work Skill Visa UK :


There are many benefits of the Visa. Out of which we will be talking about :


  • You can bring the family members who are dependent on you for their survival.
  • If you are bringing your spouse here then on this Visa she can also work according to the needs of the family.
  • The main benefit of the Visa is that many people in your family can move to the country with a Work Skill Visa UK.
  • Due to recent key hires, the salary requirement has been reduced much lower to £25600. This would benefit all the people coming from different countries.
  • For healthcare workers in developing countries, Fast Track Visas will avoid delays and allow quicker entry into the country.


A Work Skill Visa UK offers these basic benefits to make people go for work in this country.



Eligibility Details :


These eligibility criterias are there for every country if you are going to work there. Some of them are :


  • To apply for this opportunity, you’ll need a score of 70+ in the qualifications such as specific skills and other professions.
  • You’ll need at least a Bachelor’s degree to qualify for this position. You’ll also need 2 years of experience in one of the eligible occupations on the list.
  • To qualify for Work Skill Visa UK , you must have a legal offer of employment from a Home Office licensed sponsor.
  • An RQF 3 or above is required with experience in marketing, public relations, and journalism.
  • You must meet a high level of English to pass the interview and test.
  • The going rate is around £25,600 for a general job. These are the general rates for any person coming here.


For a Work Skill Visa UK these are the general requirements for a person to apply for and get the access to it.

Documents Required for Work Skill Visa UK :


Visa Applications require a number of documents in order to apply for the work Skill Visa UK. Below is a list of the most important documents required.


  • Their should be a reference number on the Certificate of Sponsorship of the person that is applying.
  • The test result which will state that you know English Language properly.
  • Include a valid passport for identifying your nationality and a color photo.
  • Mention the title of the job in which you are going to get livelihood.
  • Mention about the annual salary you will be recieving from the work management.
  • Document of occupational code in which information about the job will be given.
  • Give the details of the license number of the the person who is applying.


The documents mentioned above are very much important and valuable for a person who is applying for Work Skill Visa UK and wants to have an occupation or to get a living there.


Application Fees :


The application fees for Work Skill Visa UK is much more higher than other’s application.


  • You will have to pay an application fee of 610 pounds when you apply for 3 years.
  • If you apply for Permanent Residency, there will be an application fee of 1,220 pounds.
  • You also need to pay 624 pounds for health and security. Though it would be refunded if the application gets rejected.
  • There is also a UK NARIC fees which is around 50 pounds for all the visitors.


Thus for applying for Work Skill Visa UK you need to give this much application fees and it’s compulsory for everyone.


Filling the Application form :

The basic thing for Work Skill Visa UK is the filling of application form correctly. It is done as follows :


  • Go the official site of the Visa application forms. There you will see the work Skill Visa UK form.
  • Click on it and an application form will appear in front of you.
  • Fill all the necessary details like name, contact details and other important things.
  • Attach the documents required in it. Attach them properly.
  • Pay the application fees that have been listed above.
  • Click on the submit button and an email verification will come to your mobile phones.


Now the procedure of confirming the documents and verification for the Work Skill Visa UK will take about 30 days. After that you will get your Visa from your nearest Post Offices.



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