Visa Application Process for Canada

Visa Application Process for Canada :

Are you planning a trip to Canada? Well you have chosen one of the best places of the world. But before planning a visit there is a thing which you need the most and it’s a visa. So we will be telling you the Visa Application Process for Canada.

Visa Application Process for Canada
Visa Application Process for Canada

Before traveling to Canada you need to keep some things in mind. It is the eligibility criteria which one needs to keep in mind before knowing the visa application process for Canada.


  • You should be in good health.
  • You should not have any criminal background
  • Should be able to convince the immigration officer that you will be leaving Canada according to a time period
  • Should clear all the medical exams.


These points need to be kept in mind before applying for a visa.


Though for different purposes, there are different types of  Visa Application Process for Canada.


In case you are travelling from India then you need to have biometrics done for the application and other screening tests would be done too.


Types of Visas :


Apart from it there are four types of Visa Application Process for Canada :


●     Business Type :


A business visa is a specific type of transit visa that allows you to visit Canada for business purposes. This type of visa can be granted for both temporary resident and permanent resident applicants. A business visa can be held in various categories, depending on personal and business reasons and is valid for 6 months.


●     Tourist/Visitor Visa  :


A Canadian tourist visa is a temporary resident permit issued by the Canadian immigration department for people who are travelling to Canada for tourism or recreational purposes such as visiting family, attending cultural events, etc.


●     Work Visa :


If you’re looking to come to Canada and work for a short period of time, a Canada work visa is what you need. It will allow you to enter the country legally and find a job quickly.


●     Study Visa :


It is a sort of Canadian student visa that allows you to attend a business school, college or institute for academic or vocational training.The Canada student visa program opens up a world of possibilities for ambitious, motivated people from all over the globe.



Documents Needed :


There are three types of visas for which different documents are needed :


1.   Common Documents for CANADA Visa :



  1. Your Passport should be valid for an additional six months after your return.
  2. Please attach two copies of recent passport pages,
  3. The Visa application should be properly checked and signed by the applicant.
  4. Two current colour photographs of yourself
  5. A letter by the officer there and the reason for staying.
  6. No Objection Certificate beforehand.
  7. A letter or statutory declaration
  8. Applying for funds shouldn’t be there.
  9. All the information of flights and hotels. Booking.
  10. Give all the bank details for the last few months.
  11. Get the income tax return data for the last 2-3 years.

2.  Documents for Tourist -CANADA Visa


The documents that are needed for a common visit will be also useful here. You don’t need any extra documents with you if you are visiting Canada for a tourist visit.



          3. Documents for Business –      CANADA Visa


For visiting Canada for a business purpose you need all the major documents required for a normal visit. But with them you also need some other documents too which are much more necessary than others. It will complete the Visa application Process for Canada.


  • Check out all the documents you need to start
  • A letter stating the reason to stay and what you are going to do there.
  • Letter confirming why we are going to go there and what is the purpose for staying there.

Application Process Guide :


Now let’s see the guide for Visa application process for Canada :


  • You need to apply online for the Visa ny going on to the official site of Canada services.
  • There you will be taken to the guidelines required for the Visa application Process of Canada.
  • A form will appear in front of you which needs to be filled by you.
  • Fill the eVisa details and get the quote.
  • Then fill all the necessary documents.
  • After that you need to pay the amount that will be taken as a fee for applying or getting involved in the Visa application Process for Canada.
  • Submit the application and you will get a confirmation mail from the agency for applying for Visa.


The processing days or the days after your Visa will be approved will be around 30 days. The agencies will check all the documents and verify it. Thus these were the steps you need for a Visa application process for Canada visit. Though if you have any doubt regarding any step then you can visit the official site for applying for Visas on the site. There you will find the guidelines for everything you want to.

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